The Lovestruck Sessions is a series on the Colour Journal birthed out of the overwhelming amount of beautiful love stories being written by some of my closest friends. This series featured four couples and their stories, along with a series of photos capturing the personality and intimacy of the two lovers. You can see the Lovestruck Sessions here

The Dreamers + Achievers series on the Colour Journal was created as a way to bridge the gap between dreaming and doing. Surrounded by young dreamers, I saw that those who dream often have a hard time with the first steps and lacked a connection to those who have already paved the way in entrepreneurship. This series presents interviews with local business owners and entrepreneurs who know first hand the struggle between dreaming and doing. You can view the series here.  

The Colour Journal's Living Colourfully series highlights individuals who are living life fully and confidently in who they are. Free of comparison, and full of individuality, living colourfully means that you know who you are and aren't afraid to be just that. You can read up on the series here